Kay Hunt Studio


In Her Own Words

“When it comes to painting, I am happiest experimenting and exploring questions like: what happens when I pour paint or ink? What if I add texture? How does it change if I work at a different scale or with different tools?

Cipher 2“I love building up layers, texture, color and pattern and I often see the repeating ideas of complexity, mystery and ambiguity appearing in my works. Using acrylics and inks (with an occasional dash of pastel, paper or found materials), I work intuitively, spontaneously and organically, one shape or color leading to the next. This process invites the unexpected and it means I almost never know exactly how a painting will evolve or what the final image will be. That makes the experience both frustrating and exciting…and it keeps me coming back for more.

“Every piece teaches me something new about painting and about myself and often becomes the springboard to my next piece. Working in this way constantly challenges me to keep taking risks.

“Ultimately, these works are about the mood, energy and spirit that are conveyed and I thrive on the process of creating them. It provides a visceral way for me to connect to myself, my life and, hopefully, to the viewer.”   Kay Hunt

Some Interesting Facts

Kay’s career has included many twists and turns before bringing her to abstract painting. She was born and grew up in Texas and attended Baylor University, graduating with a B.A. in sociology. From there, she moved to Atlanta, GA where she spent over 20 years in the printing and graphics industry, including 5 years as the owner and sole proprietor of her own print services business.

Ultimately fleeing from the looming necessity of sitting at a computer all day, she left the graphics industry and devoted the next six years to fine art photography, designing and producing wearable art clothing, painted furniture and fun jewelry. She sold some of these works through Bellagio in Asheville, NC and The Seen gallery in Atlanta, GA. However, when these endeavors fell short of providing financial stability, Kay set her creativity aside to return to the business world in various administrative capacities.

In 2009, frustrated by the lack of creativity in her life and jolted into action after being laid off, Kay determined to pursue a life-long dream of painting abstractly. While still early in her new career, Kay’s dedication has resulted in being represented in the following exhibits:

“Renewal” Exhibit, (Juried) First Place, Atlanta Artists Center, Atlanta, GA,         January, 2012

Atlanta Painters 2010 Exhibition, Neighborhood Gallery, Atlanta, GA, May, 2010

New Members Exhibit, (Juried),  Atlanta Artists Center, July, 2010

“AAC in the Limelight,” (Juried), Binder’s Limelight Gallery, sponsored by  Atlanta Artists Center, August, 2010

“Holiday Gems,” (Juried), Atlanta Artists Center, November, 2010

Currently, Kay works almost daily in her Decatur, GA studio, relishing every moment spent pursuing her dream. She welcomes your interest in her work and invites you to visit her in her studio. You can set up that appointment by contacting her at kay@kayhuntstudio.com.